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Clients: Vikas Upadhyay
Category: eCommerce
Date: 07/05/2021

Overview about the Project

As a symbol of victorian beauty, all that’s radiant and celestial collide in our All That Glitters series. These are draped in layers of crystal beads, the grander ones with five and their modest cousins with three strings. Match these with your interiors with the option of the all-time favourite matte gold finish or the antique gold foil finish for the crowning frame. Refracting and reflecting light even when unlit, the profusion of crystals promise a bewitching interplay of light and shadows. Mount this starry chandelier for a rollicking meal in your patio or dining room and travel back to a royal feast.

Technologies Used

  • HTML & HTML 5
  • CSS & CSS3
  • Javascript & Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP & Ajax
  • MySql
  • WordPress