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Al Madina College of Chartered

Al Madina College of Chartered
Category: Education
Date: 06/10/2017

Overview about the Project

Professor Mohammed Haroon has been awarded Momento with a Title ” Icon & Pride of Hyderabad India” AL- Madina college of chartered Quantity Survey,About the Director:The College has been Established in 2009 by Engineer mohammed Haroon. He after working in 5 countries realized that, there was no proper guidance for fresh engineers, who wanted to pursue their carrier in construction industries. Who were not aware of various techniques in construction industry with latest technologies and advance construction and the way to execute a building in a proper manner. they wasted their precious years in getting experience by doing odd construction jobs.

Technologies Used

  • HTML & HTML 5
  • CSS & CSS3
  • Javascript & Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP & Ajax
  • MySql
  • WordPress